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R.T.B.C. is a faith community which recognises and encourages unity through diversity in the body. We express our love to God through empowered worship in a language and style relevant to today. We believe that knowing God is facilitated through a high view of Scripture and a strong commitment to biblical teaching and prayer.
The church is strengthened by a commitment to personal holiness and biblical truth. Loving your neighbour is effected by personal witness, intentional pastoral care and faithful proclamation of the Gospel.

R.T.B.C. seeks to utilise a very simple but intentional way to build a strong faith community. We seek to connect people to each other and God. Cultivate an environment where people can grow with God, and in love, share their faith through serving others!



 Twiddle-Muffs for Alzheimer's


The ladies from the Knit-n-natter group are wearing some of the Twiddle-muffs made for people with Alzheimer’s in the area.

The different textures and sewn on buttons, beads and bows give the wearer something to fiddle with which calms restless hands and keeps them warm and cosy.

Port-a-Cath Project

pillowRTBC, through its Knit & Natter Team, have undertaken a new project in support of cancer patients in the Hunter Region.
Over the next 12 months, our Knit & Natter Team will be making Port-a-Cath Pillows for patients undergoing Chemotherapy at Newcastle's Mater Oncology Unit.
Many cancer patients have a power port or a Port-a-Cath installed under the skin. This pillow keeps their seatbelt off the port, providing some comfort during their treatment.



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