We must temper our response to the Indonesian Executions

It is indeed very sad to hear of the execution of the prisoners in Indonesia, including the two Australians. However we must be very careful and measured in our response to this development.
For those who think, “They got what they deserve!” I urge caution not to take joy out of their deaths or celebrate as a victory for modern justice. We must not be cold and without compassion. Remember justice and mercy are two sides of the same coin. Furthermore compassion does ignore the crime committed. From a biblical perspective, Jesus while showing the compassion still recognised and named the transgression of the person.


For those who oppose the death penalty, you too must be cautious and measured in your response. Many are calling for the Australian Government to take action against Indonesia.

We live in a post-modern society where people promote the idea did that “each person is free to have whatever belief system or moral code or worldview as long as you don’t try and force it on anyone else.” As a Christian I’m told you can believe what you want just don’t push Christianity on us or allow it in our schools, or operation of government or be the moral code for our society (ie. Same sex marriage, etc).

Yet isn’t that what many are trying to do to Indonesia? Working cross-culturally is difficult and requires diplomacy and sensitivity. We must acknowledge that our society is different to that of Indonesia and our value systems. We must be careful not to be hypocrites in pushing our values and beliefs on them while asking others not to do it to us. Many Australians live by the mantra "Australia... love it or leave it."

While nothing can be said or done to bring the two Australians back, plenty can be said and done to damage our relations with our neighbour and jeopardise Australia’s national security. So I urge caution and wisdom to all.