Watch Your Feelings

"I long for the years gone by when God took care of me, when he lit up the way before me and I walked safely through the darkness.” Job 29:2-3

Let’s be honest... None of us like going through hard times in our lives. Especially the kind that Job experienced. Think of someone you loved that fell on hard times. Did you change your feelings toward them? No, if anything you probably wanted to love and help them more.

I really feel for Job. He began to wonder if God still cared. He’d lost everything! His suffering turned to hopelessness. It has been said that people can last for weeks without food, but can’t go a day without hope.

Job enjoyed God’s presence in the past. He knew what it was like to have God care for him and protect him. Job now felt abandoned. He longed for the good old days. The truth is that Job’s feelings had deceived him. God knew exactly what Job was experiencing. Job had become so focused on his suffering that he had lost sight of the unchangeable fact that God would never abandon him.

It’s very easy to find ourselves in such a place. Intense suffering can make anyone person feel isolated or abandoned. Even so, we must look with eyes of faith to see that God is still there, especially when you can’t feel it!

Friend, is this your experience right now? You are experiencing pain or you are feeling abandoned?

Can I say to you in love: Stop listening to those feelings! You can always count on God to be there, especially during times of difficulty. Reach out to God through simple heartfelt prayers and open his word and see his promises. Rest assured by the words of Jesus himself, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”