Love Sex Marriage and Money

Love, Sex, Marriage and Money

Hebrews 13:1-6

Peter said “For so is the will of God that with well‑doing you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.” Peter said you need to live so that no one can cast any doubt on Christianity by the kind of life that you’re living.

The 13th chapter of Hebrews could be given the title “The Behaviour of the Believer.”

What does God expect out of us? What are the practical guidelines for the life of a Christian?

This concluding exhortation of Hebrews provides a series of practical guidelines for the believer to serve God and how they might live out a persevering faith.

We need to understand that it wasn’t that easy for the early church people. They had to contend with all manner of cultural, racial, religious and sexual issues as the church began to spread across multiple country, political, ethnic groups bringing them under one faith and practise.

The early church writers bridged the gap between the different cultural lines, teaching Christian ethics on money, sexuality, family and church structure.

  • Love fellow Christians v.1

Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.

1 John 4:20

The New Testament resounds with the command to love brothers, which is code for fellow believers.

It’s a tragedy when you go to a church and the Christians are fighting each other. Not only does it kill the witness but it also defames the name of God. Beloved this is most serious. Don’t think for a moment that there will be blessing when there is dissention. We must examine our hearts, confess our sin, making right the wrong.

  • Show hospitality v.2

The early church did—without the aid of sanctuaries, church buildings, clergy, or seminaries. They did so through the clearest of messages (the Cross) and the simplest of tools (the home).

Hospitality opens the door to uncommon community... When you open your door to someone, you are sending this message: "You matter to me and to God." You may think you are saying, "Come over for a visit." But what your guest hears is, "I'm worth the effort."

  • Ministering to those imprisoned and mistreated v.3

We don’t experience too much of what occurred in the early church. But prisoners were not well treated in those days. Christians were often dealt with unjustly and suffered mistreatment. Christians are to keep their imprisoned friends constantly in mind as if they were sitting right there looking at them.

This extends to anyone suffering mistreatment. We are to have hearts of compassion. The thought is be concerned for those who are suffering as if every blow they receive puts a stripe across your own back. That’s challenging!

  • Honour Marriage and keep sexual relations pure v.4

Sexuality and marriage in our modern culture is under assault. The world wants to redefine and change the design that God had intended for both marriage and sexual relations.

Unhealthy views about sex and relationships create extremes and problems.

On the other hand, healthy sexual relations within marriage provide a platform for truth’s proclamation to the world and a joy of worship before God.

Mike Mason writes in his book The Mystery of Marriage:

Surely it was God’s full intention for the physical joining together of a man and a woman to be one of the mountain top experiences of life...

A moment which 2 covenant members come together as living sacrifices in worship before God and that we should testify to the world that God created the beauty of marriage and sexuality long before the glossy counterfeit the world peddles.

  • Be content with your financial status v.5

Money is an area that tests the authenticity of our devotion to God.

The writer of Hebrews is speaking into the issue of keeping money in perspective. Those who struggle with immorality or greed generally pursue self, where their desires must be satisfied and that takes them beyond the bounds of God’s provision.

When money is simply a means of meeting life’s needs, that person is content with what God has given. The contentment of the believer comes on the assurance of the ever present God:

I will never leave you... never will I forsake you...

The response is to live out your Christian walk in this manner. Do not be afraid! We live in a culture that increasingly opposes the church and what we stand for. But the writer says:

Don’t be afraid... what can mere mortals do to me?